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KONEKT constantly analyses the needs and concerns of the market in particular our clients, and as a result of this approach, we continuously develop new and innovative roducts, even bespoke developments, all of which is possible ecause we are Manufacturers and we have our own Engineering, quality laboratory, mould making and injection moulding, etc.

Our latest developments are:

Used to plug and to seal underground temporarily empty conduits, without cable and to assure that in the future the above mentioned conduits go to be in perfect conditions to realize facilities of subsets or cables.
The OKT device is designed to create the waterlight seal between an underground cable conduit and the cable(s). be they for telecommunications or another use, located in its interior, to prevent the leakage of fluids through the conduits to the manholes and inspection chambers. as well as the intake of mud or dirt inside the conduit
Anchor plugs comprise two plates. one central elastic piece and three or four through bolts with a nut, so when the nuts are tightened with a spanner. the two plates move. compressing the central piece and expanding it, in such away that ensures the anchoring ofthe sub-conduits to the conduit to guarantee water and air tightness as a whole; they are rust-proof under the normal ambient conditions to which they will be submitted in your installation.
The new fibre optic connection retainer makes it possible to carry out safe instaliations in walls and poles for overhead line, retaining the cable without causing any hending during and alter installation, it is suitable for long distance installations. This retainer has mainly been designed for connection cables 5 mm in diameter, but there are versions for other diameters. It is manufactured using UV thermoplastic (polvamide) material for use outdoors. It is secured to poles orwalls using screws or hooks and several can be installed in a bunch with ease.
The new fbre cable retainer for optical fibre allows secure installations on walls and poles for overhead lines, retaining the cable firmly
The main advantage and novelty is its versatility, since it can be used in both, fibre optic cables and copper cables.


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