Used to gradually seal the empty conduits for the underground cabling and avoid the intake of water, mud, dirt or toxic and explosive gases, rodents or other animals.

DIAMETERS: from 20 mm to110mm, supporting a minimum internal pressure in all cases of 50 kPa.


  • Quick and easy, saving installation time as well as easy uninstalling.
  • Different models to suit the diameter of the duct from 32mm to 110 mm.
  • Reusable, once uninstalled can be installed again as many times as needed.
  • Minimum useful life 20 years.
  • Our duct guarantees a reliable and safe installation for many years.
  • It is the one DUCT PLUG approved and used by Telefónica Company of Spain.


  • Sealing for plastic conduits, metal and even cement.
  • Watertightness assured supporting minimum internal pressure of 50 KPa.

Patented product