The OKT system is designed to make the ensure the watertightness between an underground ducting duct and the cable (s), located inside, to prevent leakage of fluids through the conduit to the chambers or chambers of registration, as well as the entrance of mud or dirt into the duct.

It is also used to close the entrance of pipes in buildings, pedestals, outdoor cabinets, transformer cores, to prevent the accumulation of moisture, gases, waters, etc., harmful to the equipment and potentially dangerous.


  • The OKT is triggered by manual pressure, compared to other similar duct systems, based on bags that inflate with pistols injecting air or other gas compressed, provided by a compressor or pressurised bottle.

    The OKT system has the following advantages:

    • Greater reliability, preventing any risk of deflation from the bags.
    • Don’t need any accessory to be inflated.
    • It requires no maintenance (periodic calibration of manoreductor).
    • Fast, flexible and easy to install, saving precious installation time.
    • Not affect the ovulation of the duct.
    • Easy disassembly.
    • It adapts to different diameters of wire.
    • Without risk of toxicity for staff.

    Patented product