The new flbre optic connection retainer makes it possible to carry out safe installations in walls and poles for overhead line, retaining the cable without causing any bending during and after installation, it is suitable for long distance installations. This retainer has mainly been designed for connection cables 5 mm in diameter, but there are versions for other diameters. It is manufactured using UV thermoplastic (polvamide) material for outdoor use. It is secured to poles or walls using screws or hooks and several can be installed in a bunch with ease.


  • The main advantage is that the retainer works in straight line, and can be installed at any point along the curvature of the fiber optic cable, thus ensuring that the properties of the fiber optic cable remain intact.
  • The retainer depending on model supports tensions between 50 and 100 Kg.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • It can be installed on walls and poles easily with just the use of a screwdriver.
  • It can be adapted to other cable diameters.
  • Minimum of 20 years service life.
  • Product approved by Telefonica España, S.A. In its facilities of optical fiber and copper.