The new fibre cable retainer for optical fibre allows secure installations on walls and poles for overhead lines, supporting the cable firmly.

The main advantage and novelty is in its versatility, since it can be used in both fibre optic cables and copper cables.


  • It consists of an element formed by two plastic pieces: a main body and a moving part. The moving part slides and rotates inside the main body to exert the forces that allow the retention of the cables. The cable is housed between the main body and the movable part.
  • The retainer, withstands a tensile strength above 850 N and is very resistant to UV rays.
  • It can be installed easily on walls and posts using just a screwdriver. Although it is designed to wire 5 mm of diameter. It can be used securely with similar dimensions. It allows to perform the same function of the two elements used until now to create the entrapment retentions: the lever retainer (for optical fibre cable) and the copper retainer (copper entrapment retentions).
  • 20 years minimum service life. Approved by Telefonica of Spain in fibre optic and copper installations.